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Reviews - Murdocks - Now Wave:

The “meh” feeling I have for the Strokes stands on two valid points: They are kinda punk-with-pop-sensibility, but not really that punk (or poppy). Also, they are kinda catchy but not that catchy. “Death Of A French Whore”, the leadoff track on this EP, is the best song the Strokes never wrote. It's got a snarl and a bite and throat cutting hooks. Well done.

“My Scarlet Purpose” sounds quite similar to one of the slinky blues-garage tunes found on the White Stripes' White Blood Cells. That album was # 1 on my 2001 top list. So, yes, consider it a good thing.

“Dance The Vomit Snakes” I like a lot. It's not derivative of the new school VU/Television wannabe sound. It's barely mid-tempo, but still bounces along with a super-catchy melody. Franklin Morris has THE perfect gruff-but-in-tune vocals. Hard to pull off, but it sounds great when done right.

“Maidenhead” is probably an homage to some old school hard rock band I'm not familiar with, but nevertheless it's an ok closing track. A nice, jagged, fuzzy rock song that reminds you the Murdocks aren't pushing any boundaries but still can rock your pants off.

--Mark Hughson

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