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I-35, a highway that runs across the southern United States, bisects the city of Austin into two distinct halves. To the west is the university, the mansions of the many who made millions in computers, the capitol building, high rise apartment buildings and other signs of a successful metropolis. But east of the interstate is quite a different world; one of poverty, prostitution, a high crime rate, and graffiti-covered abandoned buildings. It is here in the most underprivileged district of the city that MURDOCKS set up shop.

Night after night the band returns to its "rehearsal studio", an aging public storage facility, to perform a uniquely fiery brand of rock and roll to an audience of none. Shredded drum sticks, broken guitars, shattered remains of beer bottles, and the occasional pile of rat shit blanket the already cigarette stained carpet. Baked in the Texas heat, these remnants of the previous nights practice, lie in wait for the renewed chaos the night will bring. The Murdocks are Franklin Morris on vocals/guitar, Robert Houghton on bass, and Ryan Cano on drums and together they create a sound that is chaotic, dangerous, raw, and as exciting as losing your virginity.

Recorded for $300 the MURDOCKS Debut EP was released on Surprise Truck Entertainment in Early 2004. Since then the EP has gone into regular rotation at 182 stations in the US and Canada - 70 of which reported high or medium rotation (pushing the release to #80 on the CMJ charts). The band followed the EP by 3 successful national tours and 3 Festival Showcases (CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, The New Music Festival in Dallas, and a date during The South By Southwest Music Conference in Austin). In late 2004 they returned to the studio with a parcel of new tunes, a real budget, and a longing to get the full length finished and hit the road again. "Surrenderender" is the luscious result of those sessions. Its slated to street on Surprise Truck Entertainment April 19, 2005.

MURDOCKS, notorious for loud, aggressive, and chaotic live performances, will be coming to your town soon. They will sleep on your couch, eat your food and use all the hot water.


MURDOCKS are: Franklin Morris and Robert Houghton

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